Geek Techs Can Help Conserve Energy and “Go Green”: Free Software Tool Helps

While I do believe that much of the worlds focus on climate change and “going green” is politically charged, I think we can all agree that we MUST be better stewards of our environment.
By making purposeful decisions on the technology you buy and how you use it, you can do your part as well.
One big area of environmental stewardship is conserving on the power generated by computers and the heat they generate.
Discuss with your IT consultant one neat and free software tool he (or she) can use in this area.
SpiceWorks makes free network monitoring software and one of the tools they have released for their software is a software application, which enables IT professionals to automatically regulate the power consumption of networked computers.
This plug-in is available at Spiceworks Plug-in Center.

It’s features include:
Remote Power Consumption Management – Allows users to remotely manage the power consumption of PCs, laptops, and other networked devices. This includes the ability to use Wake On LAN and Intel[R] vPro[TM] technology features to power-on and -off devices based on schedules and other criteria;
Power Management Dashboard Shows a visual map of networked machines and devices that are powered on or off; and
Dollar Savings View Displays estimates of dollars saved per day and month based on current price/kwh and watts used by networked devices.
What does this mean for your business?
You might find it challenging to manually conserve energy with your technology. However, using technology to help makes it much easier.