If It Works For Politicians Should You Try It? Blast Voice Calls

announce.jpgDuring election time, many of us get pre-recorded phone calls from politicians asking for our vote. In many cases, at least in American politics, about 40% of the voting population already know who they are going to vote for – Democrat or Republican. However, there’s the other 20% or less who don’t know and are referred to as “undecided” voters. Politicians voice blast these people. They also do “get out the vote” marketing to ensure their supporters vote and don’t stay home.
What’s my point? Would voice blast calls work for your business, is it something you should consider?
FreeConferenceCall.com recently released a new service SimpleBlast, which is a voice messaging service to help you send pre-recorded phone calls to thousands of phone numbers at one time.
Voice blasting can have many practical uses:

  • Sending conference call reminders
  • Confirming meeting times or cancelations
  • Notification of a change of event
  • School events and announcements
  • Quarterly sales results
  • Political campaign notifications
  • Departmental memos
  • Product sales announcements
  • Invitations to parties

There are so many ways to reach an audience and so much NOISE is being generated that many people are not getting the messages they should be getting or (worse for you) businesses are having a hard time breaking through the clutter.
Although land line answer machines might be full, email gets blocked and fax lines have long been disconnected – everyone – answers their cell phone and/or checks their voice mail messages.
You’ve got to try every tool you can in order to increase revenues and profits. Although a phone call sounds so simple and “old school” it might be a VERY effective weapon.