Is It Time to Starting Loving A Particular Phone? HTC’s New Campaign

love-your-phone.jpgMany people either love or hate a particular wireless service provider? I love Verizon Wireless and have been a long time customer. Others of you are in love (or hate) with Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile.
What I see coming (or am I late?) is where more customers are in love with particular telephones and/or particular telephone vendors and wireless carriers. I think at this time many businesses focus on the carrier and the monthly fee, unless there is a specific application they are building that needs a particular device.
Motorola, Samsung, LG, Nokia, BlackBerry, Apple and HTC. They and others all make phones with a dizzying array of features. All of their phones also connect to a variety of wireless carriers.
The depth of how productive you are with your phone and how well you enjoy using it hinges on two factors. How well the wireless experience is (coverage and wireless rates) – this burden rests solely on your wireless carrier. And the features of your phone – this rests on the shoulders of the phone manufacturer.

HTC, the third largest handset maker in North America recently unveiled a global advertising campaign that is based on HTC’s new “Quietly Brilliant” brand positioning. As HTC’s first global advertising campaign, the YOU campaign is being rolled out across 20 countries in the coming weeks and features the tagline, “You don’t need to get a phone. You need a phone that gets you.” This represents HTC’s commitment to focus on people, their needs and how they work and live to ensure that HTC devices suit them.
I’m not sure how small businesses will react to this specific campaign, but I can say that I’m personally “sold” on HTC.
I’ve used BlackBerrys, Palm Treos, Motorola Qs and LG phones over the years. I’ve reviewed many others. So far, for my needs, I like my thin HTC Ozone that I purchased a few months ago. Is it perfect? No. But nothing in life is perfect.