Is Your Web Site Ready To Boost Online Sales This Holiday Season?

I was recently looking at some refreshments of web sites and was amazed at how great they look. What about your web site? Is it the same web site from last year? Did you want to refresh it but never took the time to do so?
There are only a few weeks left before the shopping rush of the holiday season and it is most important that you ensure your web site is as ready as it can be to increase sales.
A few fundamentals are:

  • Ensure your web site is very well designed
  • Ensure customers can reach you before the sales (customer service)
  • Make it easy for customers to purchase once they are ready

You might find my 10 Web Site Musts of use.
In a recent article the WSJ gave some tools for you to consider in boosting sales from your web site:

A click to call feature (to enable customers to reach you by just clicking a button on your web site), Online chat and a Try Before You Buy program.
Adding these features and tools to your web site is NOT hard. Thankfully dozens of companies make it as easy as adding a few lines of code to your web site to implement these features.
Always remember that online your competition is ONLY A MOUSE CLICK AWAY.
Your web site is the ONLY tool you have (unless you have your well known brand) to showcase what you are selling online.
Are you going to focus on low price? Are you going to use “free shipping” as a tool?
Can customers quickly and easily find what they are looking for?
Is your search engine robust, fast and are the results displayed well?
See the Christmas chat icon?
Bold Software is one of several service providers who can help you with chat, online tools and a customized holiday chat icon!