IT Analyst Firm Rates 16 Firms A+. Have A Look Before Your Next Purchase

IDC, an IT analyst firm in Boston has identified 16 firms, targeting the small-medium sized business market, that are doing an especially noteworthy job through a wide variety of product and marketing efforts. These firms are recipients of the IDC SMB Excellence Award.
What this award highlights is that a) smaller to medium sized business continue to be able to leverage low cost technology solutions to enable their businesses to do more with less b) there are great companies reaching out to and serving the needs of these businesses on an exceptional level.
The noted companies are:
Market Segmentation/Customer Targeting – Cisco and Network Solutions have both looked at SMB customers in new and effective ways and have developed programs to meet the specific needs of key SMB groups.
Innovative Alliances – Two EMC companies, Decho and Iomega, are working together to provide bundled SMB storage capabilities in a flexible fashion. Similarly, Intuit and IBM have established a relationship that provides advanced access to Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions through IBM Smart Business platform technology.

Software-as-a-Service and Cloud Computing for SMBs – A number of firms have introduced appealing SMB solutions that leverage resources that are not based on premises: NetSuite Business Software Suite, Doyenz ShadowCloud, Telstra Business T-Suite and LogMeIn Rescue and Ignition for iPhone.

Streamlining/Enhancing Customer Engagement – The Oracle Accelerate, SAP Business All-in-One Fast Start, and Rogers Communications BusinessFirst Partner Programs are using new technology and approaches to simplify the technology acquisition process and better meet the needs of prospects looking for advanced solutions.
New Applications Approaches – SMBs have always been more interested in the benefits of technology than in technology itself. HP, through its MarketSplash program, and IBM, through its Express Advantage program, are approaching the market with effective customer-centric programs.
Technology Deployment – Innovative delivery and support of advanced technology have been introduced by AT&T with its small business InSite portal and AT&T SMART tool, Dell with its Vostro PCs and ProSupport Services, and Verizon with its Verizon FiOS Internet for Business broadband solution for SMBs.