Jabra’s Stone Wireless Headset for Cell Phones: Look Good, Sound Good, Hear Good

jabrastone.jpgI’m an average mobile user. I can’t claim to be a road warrior, although I do my fair of traveling. On the other hand, I’m not a couch potato as I’m usually walking around with 2 or more gadgets of some sort in my bag.
A wireless headset is a very personal accessory, and there is not a one size fits all device.
Today, I tried out Jabra Stone as with all Jabra products I was intensely impressed with the packaging.
After using it for a bit, I’m equally impressed with the headset. The headset is quite small and and elegantly designed. It fits well around the ear. I do wish it had a little “play” (enabling me to bend it a bit).
There’s two simple controls on the headset. You slide your finger up or down to control the volume. To answer a call or hang up you press another button. Pretty simple.
What’s even more impressive is the docking station. Unlike a traditional charger, wherein the to charge the device you must connect it to a wall socket or your computer, the Jabra Stone’s docking station also serves as a charger. It holds a charge and charges the Stone while not plugged into a wall. If your headset is out of juice, your charger can charge it one full time or more.
Overall, I’m quite impressed with Jabra and would recommend this headset as a Christmas gift or heck – buy it now for yourself or that favorite someone in your life.