Justin Kitch – “Host Of 12 Million Web Sites” On The Mobile Web

justinkitch2.jpgJustin Kitch, founder of Homestead, hosts 12 million web sites (since 1996). Homestead was bought by Intuit in 2007. There’s not many CEOs who have Justin’s claim to fame in the world of web sites for small businesses.
He writes on Entrepreneur.com how important it is to take advantage of the mobile web.
Cell phones are already the most ubiquitous electronic devices in the world. And with more than 40 million Americans who are now active monthly users of the mobile internet via smartphones and mobile browsers, the cell phone is quickly becoming the most popular device for browsing the web. Throw in the fact that people are often on the go when they’re looking for information about a business, and you can see why it is fast becoming a requirement that businesses are “findable” via a mobile browser.
Following are a few tips to make sure your business is doing what it can to reach these mobile prospects, as well as serve your existing customers better by utilizing the mobile platform.
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