Mobile Devices Are Pushing Computers Off The Desk

In a recent survey of 480 business users an Egnyte (online file server and collaboration) commissioned study confirmed that 50% of you use your smartphones on a regular basis to conduct business and 13% using a smartphone more often than your computer.
What does this mean? This means that the role of the computer is diminishing (but still important) as smartphones get more powerful, feature rich and have faster access to the Internet.
I’ve been using an htc Tilt 2 (on AT&T’s network) and am learning quite a bit about the challenges and benefits of going without a laptop.
One of the biggest things I’m learning is that if you want your employees to be as productive as possible you have to ensure that you:

a) set their expectations right (they won’t have the SAME experience using a notebook computer as they will a smart phone)
b) provide them with the tools and training to use their mobile phones as productively as possible.
Although the results of this survey are NOT surprising they do reinforce what many already know and hopefully encourage you to strategically evolve a mobile strategy.
Whether your employees aggressively use mobile technology or just use their phones to talk and occasionally get email, having a mobile strategy (of some kind) is important.
Other key finding in the report found that:

  • The majority of small businesses name Blackberry (48%) and Apple’s iPhone (29%) as the most innovative smartphone devices on the market today. Interestingly, Google’s entry into the smartphone market doesn’t appear to be appealing to small business users quite yet—the Android phones were rated last.
  • Nearly 75% of respondents reported greater customer satisfaction as a result of data access while on the road.
  • Slow access to data is the number one challenge to small business owners while out of the office (36%). Not being able to access a business file server was the second top challenge (16%).
  • Nearly 25% of respondents indicated that they will upgrade their smartphone in the next six months, in order to get a better phone with advanced features.