New Online Advertising Service Reinforces Your Brand: ReTargeter

ReTargeter is an innovative online advertising service that lets you follow customers who visit your web site, to other web sites. This increases the visibility of your brand in front of them.
I met Arjun Dev Arora, CEO and Founder of ReTargeter at BizTechDay 2009.

ReTargeter is pretty simple.

  • A visitor visits your web site
  • When they visit other web sites in the ReTargeter network, after your web site, your advertisement is displayed.
  • Why is this special? It reinforces your brand in their mind and helps to cause them to come back to you to purchase.

Are you skeptical?
Think of the number of times you’ve seen an advertisement and only after the second or third time were prompted to respond. Or you’ve been to a web site, maybe a contest site or an offer for a free PDF. After you’ve left the site and seen the advertisement somewhere else you were prompted to “take action”
This is what ReTargeter is all about.
For $500 (at this time) you are guaranteed 175,000 impressions across a wide network of premium webs sites.
What do you have to do (other than paying)? Place a piece of code on your web site and wait for sales to come in.