Online Collaboration: A Must for Efficient Team Productivity

I was just looking at a new collaboration tool, Glasscubes, and from my quick poking around it has a pleasant interface and a nice amount of features to help you stop emailing files back and forth, building to do lists in Excel and other day to day hassles of make-shift collaboration solutions that many businesses struggle with.
There are MANY collaboration solutions available for you to choose from; the hard part is choosing the collaboration solution that’s best for you.
Collaboration tools enable teams of people, whether they are in the next room or the next continent (one day planet) to work together. Emailing documents back and forth and wondering which one is the newest is not productive. Developing task lists that reside on your own desk, means that there is a lack of transparency to your supervisor and colleagues into what you are doing. As a member of a team this also affects your company’s overall performance.
The pricing of Glasscubes is very competitive. There is no per user charge, but you are charged based on the amount of space, contacts and “cubes” you need. A cube is a workspace for any project, event, client or team and you can invite colleagues to join.
Other collaboration platforms include, HyperOffice and OfficeLive.
Another new service I just saw is OfficeMedium
37Signals makes a variety of collaboration tools. BatchBlue has a nice collaboration-ish (mainly CRM) suite as well.
So, if you work with more than one person, in a team, it is absolutely critical that you consider using a collaboration solution to boost your productivity.