Pixetell: When Show and Tell Is The Only Option (Boost Sales, Service, Support)

I’ve just spent about 10 minutes trying one of the coolest pieces of software I’ve ever tried.
Pixetell has software that will revolutionize how you show someone something.
Instead of talking on the phone and repeating “Do you see the tiny drop down box. No, not on the right right on the left. Not that box the second box under the red arrow” and this goes on for 30 minutes. After some time you stop in frustration and schedule a time to meet with them.
But not all of the time can you physically meet with someone to show them.
Pixetell has a VERY easy to use tool that lets you capture a live screen shot (meaning as you move your mouse, the movement is capture); capture your voice and capture video.
You click on a little icon the rests at the top of your screen.

You select what you want to capture first – a screen, a video or audio. By selecting screen you then highlight what area of the screen to capture. A blue box is drawn, indicating the capture area and it turns red when recording. By clicking on the “web cam” button you can record video and by clicking “record”, Pixetell starts recording your mouse movements and video and/or audio.
Once your done you can share the Pixetell file with others.
If you need to do a sales presentation, enhance customer support or collaborate, Pixetell is definitely a tool worth considering.

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