SideKick Data Loss: Lessons Learned For Your Business

As you may have heard, in October, SideKick users lost their data. It appears that some users have been able to recover their data, but not all the data has been able to be recovered by all users, based on what I’ve been reading.
What made this issue a bigger issue, other than the fact that SideKick is not some two-bit company, but has a sizable user base, is that SideKick is owned by Danger, which is owned by Microsoft.
This incident should be a VERY LOUD call to all of us, that although cloud computing is wonderful and does work, it is NOT perfect.

Therefore it is CRITICAL that businesses ensure that a) they back up all of their data b) they have alternate options to access their data.
For basic items such as contact information on cell phones, documents store online, or financial data, ensure they are backed up to an external hard disk or online service such as Carbonite or Backupmyinfo.
For those running your entire business online, such as payroll, HR information, financial information, sales & marketing data, you might not be able to simply download a single file. However, it it is imperative that you work with your service provider(s) to ensure your data can be backed up so that in the event they go down, your business does not go down as well.
This learned lesson is about business continuity – the technical aspects.