Storing Customer Credit Data: You Risk Way More than Losing the Sale. Free Webinar Nov. 11th

Thumbnail image for creditcardhands.jpgWe hear them occasionally in the news – horror stories of a huge company that had thousands of customers’ personal information stolen, their identities at risk. What would be the impact if this happened to your business? Would it even survive?
ProPay and have teamed up to host a webinar specifically designed for Small Businesses.
Ramon Ray and industry experts Bryce Thacker and Darrel Welling of ProPay will be discussing topics such as risks associated with with storing credit card data, who is trying to steal your information and how they are doing it, and how you can protect yourselves from data thieves.
They will explore the unique challenges small businesses face in securing their information, and explain steps and best practices to follow that can help to protect your business against data thieves.
Any business owner who accepts credit cards can benefit from this very important discussion.
Date: Thursday, November 11, 2009
1:00 pm EST
Click here to view a replay of the webinar and download the slides.