SugarSync: Perfect File Sharing and Collaboration. A Must For Mobile Professionals

There are so many challenges that mobile professionals face. The devices are small. Battery power is not long enough. Reception is spotty at times. Shall I go on?
I’ve been using htc’s Tilt 2 (AT&T network) in addition to my htc Ozone (Verizon Wireless Network). I’ve learned that for mobile professionals who want to do as much as they can on their phones access to their corporate files is absolutely essential.
There are so many solutions, but one that appears to be most promising is SugarSync, which recently offered a business version of SugarSync.
The features are essentially the same as in the “consumer” version, but the business version enables you to have administrator control over the business account. Instead of buying 10 individual accounts, for example, the business owns the account and can assign accounts to 10 different users.
SugarSync does a few things VERY well.

Device Synchronization: Keep files and folders in sync and up-to-date across all devices: desktops, laptops, netbooks, smartphones, iPhones and more. Change a file on device “A” and seconds later it’s automatically updated on device “B”. This works fast and flawless.
Automatic Cloud Backup: Back up files, photos and more to the Internet automatically and instantly, with many granular settings for control and customization. I’ve used Carbonite for two years to backup my data and a few months ago Carbonite enabled remote access to these backed up files. However, SugarSync offers many more features to enable backup, remote access and syncronization across devices.

Collaboration, Workshare, Group Editing, Versioning
: Share individual files or entire folders of documents, media files (IE music, movies, photos etc), and more with co-workers co-workers, family or friends – all over the Internet. Collaborate with multiple remote users, edit in real-time and sync with other folder members, and revert to previous versions on the fly.
In addition to sharing individual files, you can share files automatically to Twitter or Facebook and have the files shared with an automatic link to the SugarSync stored document. Quite neat.
SugarSync is quite affordable too:
SugarSync for Business introductory pricing starts at $29.99/month ($299.99/year) for 100 GB and 3 users (limited time discount of 33%). Additional users can be added for $9.99/month ($99.99/year). Additional storage can be added in 100 GB increments for $29.99/month ($299.99/year).
SugarSync also competes with,,, Dropbox and other services to one degree or the other.