What Constant Contact’s Event Management & Mkting Service Means To Your Business

Constant Contact started out by providing just email marketing services. It expanded into surveys (competing with Survey Monkey) and now its recently launched an event management service (competing head on with Event Brite, the service I use.
Constant Contact’s launch of its event management service instantly begs the question, is it best to use a service from a vendor you already use, or is it worthwhile to use a service from another vendor if the service is better than that offered from your existing vendor?
As expected, Constant Contact’s email marketing service is VERY easy to use, with simple instructions. No need to read a manual to know how to use it.

What I did find lacking, as compared to Event Bite, is the range of features and tools to really make managing and marketing your event powerful.
Constant Contact’s event service starts at $15 a month for up to five concurrent events. The price point is digestible, but EventBrite only charges you a fee as you make money from your events ticket sales.
I think Constant Contact has had a GREAT start. It offers the basics of event management – promote the event to one or thousands, capture registration information and track who has registered, including handling ticket sales.
However, I’d highly encourage Constant Contact to add more features such as adding certain ticket types, automated replies based on ticket types, ability to embed registration forms into one’s own web page, custom URLs and more.
Bottom Line: If you are looking for a very simple tool to help manage your events, you’ll like Constant Contact’s new service, especially if you are a current Constant Contact customer.
If you are already using EventBrite, for now, EventBrite gets a thumbs up (several thumbs up) over Constant Contact. I expect that Constant Contact will add new features to this service over the coming months.

One thought on “What Constant Contact’s Event Management & Mkting Service Means To Your Business

  1. Ken Burgin

    The $15 per month is very attractive compared to Eventbrite’s percentage deal, especially if the event is charging reasonable money.
    On the other hand, Eventbrite’s free service for free events is very sophisticated and easy – I think we the consumers will be the winners…

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