What Does it Mean For You: HP Buys 3Com. Logitech Buys LifeSize. Cisco Launches Host Email.

On Wednesday HP announced it is buying networking company 3Com.
On Tuesday, Logitech announced it was buying video conference vendor LifeSize.
On Tuesday, Cisco announced it would start providing hosted email services.
What do these announcements mean for your business?

It means that larger companies must continuously look for ways to expand and provide more and more value to their shareholders (what a vicious cycle).
It also means that the company you have come to know and love could very well be owned by another company (one you in fact loathe).
And on the bright side, it means that growing businesses are getting access to technologies that were once only affordable for large corporations. For example, LifeSize’s video conferencing solution costs a fraction of traditional systems, without making any compromises in quality of sound, video or speed.
Your business will not be immediately affected by these three announcements, but this news more so indicates what is in store for you in the future.
Hopefully if customer service was great at the acquired company, it will remain the same or get better.
What you could also look forward to, in an ideal world, is the acquired company’s service improving overall, as it has more resources to dedicate to its development.
Competition is INCREASING and you should find, over time, better products and service due o the competition.