When Quick Collaboration Is Needed: Sharing Your Computer Screen in 30 Seconds

logmeinexpress.gifThis post is going to be real short. In fact you should be able to read in in under 30 seconds. I don’t usually post things this short, but when something’s good, it’s good and doesn’t have to be long.
LogMeIn makers of remote control software for computers has a new tool out that enables you to share your computer screen with others. No need to download a heavy application.
Go go www.logmein.com/express. Download the applet. Give the code to someone else. They then go to the same web site, punch in the code and can start sharing the remote screen immediately.
Free. Fast. Simple.
I also have used TeamViewer for remote access, it works well. Other tools to consider are: PC Anywhere, GoToMYPC, and LapLink