Why Email Marketing Alone Is Simply Not Enough

Just about all businesses do email marketing. Whether it’s Campaigner, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, iContact or any one of dozens of other email marketing tools, most businesses are doing some form of email marketing.
However, what’s not being done is automated email marketing and list segmentation.
For example, you might send a mass email to everyone at a certain date. But when a customer clicks to receive a PDF or does some other action, are you automatically signing them up to receive an email newsletter as well?
Do you have your customers in various types of email newsletter segments, as opposed to having one profile for all of our customers and enabling us to dynamically segment them based on their interests?
ooVoo , the online video communication company (which competes with Skype) writes how they use ExactTarget’s customized programming features to create an email invitation that is automatically sent when an ooVoo customer clicks to invite friends to join their network. ExactTarget’s triggered email technology also powers ooVoo’s lead nurturing campaign aimed at converting free trial users into paid users.
If you are NOT leveraging your email marketing like this (and more) then you’re not getting all you can out of your email marketing. If your email provider can’t help you do this, consider switching. InfusionSoft, not always identified as an “email marketing company” also does automated marketing, like ExactTarget.
Remember – automated and segmented.