Your eBook: Beyond Books. Biz Docs Instead. Turning Consumer Tech Into Productive Business Tech.

Although eBooks are not yet as popular as iPods, as far as I can tell, they surely are getting close. On the trains of New York City I’m seeing more and more eBooks being read.
eBooks, such as’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook are absolutely useful for reading traditional books and magazines, however, if you have a lot of “office reading” to do, why not throw your stack of reading material onto an eBook?
For example, Nuance OmniPage software enables users to scan a document, automatically convert into a readable format and send it to an eReader, such as Amazon Kindle or Sony Reader, in one easy step. The software supports various eReader and PDF formats, according to a recent press release.

What does this mean for your business?
It means that investments in personal entertainment technologies can sometimes be dual used for business uses as well, and vice versa.
Sometimes we get into a mind set thinking that a particular technology can only be used for a certain purpose. However, if you are willing to think creatively and explore you might find that traditionally single use business tools, or gadgets for entertainment, can be used for multiple functions and/or business use, respectively.