Bring A Human Face To Your Customer Service: Avatar 2.0

avatar-sitepal.jpgIf you want to add a bit of “spice” to your web site’s communication, you should consider adding a character to it. I’ve see many web sites with the video of a real human sliding across the screen. I’ve also used Sitepals avatars. Now Sitepal has raised the bar and offers life like human faces, with emotional expression ability.
One of the most exciting features of this new technology is the ability to control the avatar’s facial expressions. Users can apply one of several facial expressions including happy, sad, angry, embarrassed and surprised, to their 3D avatar by clicking corresponding emoticons. Programmers can use an API to apply these expressions dynamically in real time. A demo featuring the character’s facial expressions can be found here.
Once you create a web site you want to do everything you can, without doing TOO much that will bring attention and keep the attention of your intended audience. A character can help do both.
Integrating the character into your sales process or customer support is a popular option.