Digital Coupons and Retailer Success: Using SMS to Boost Sales

8coupons.gifRetailers, whether online or a small Cuban restaurant around the corner, need people to buy from them on a daily basis.
There’s no such thing as the “sales funnel” or “sales cycle” for these businesses. It’s very simple: X number of people to the store and buying something, every day.
One way to generate more traffic and sales to a store is to offer incentives to customers.
Why do you think “Black Friday” exists? This is a special day after Thanksgiving, where retailers offer big discounts and get an influx of shoppers who want to take advantage of these discounts.
Thanks to the proliferation of cell phones retailers have a powerful tool to use to attract new customers and boost sales: digital coupons sent via SMS.
One company, (and there are many others) is offering a service to help retailers offer deals to their customers through digital coupons (in many cases you can print them out as traditional coupons too).

All the customer has to do is find the deal and use an online form to have the deal sent via SMS to their cell phone or print the coupon.
Retailers who want to participate by offering their own deals through the system, can do so for $888.00 (there is a special deal now that offers the service for free).
If you’re a retailer looking to increase revenue and overall traffic to your online or physical store, thinking of marketing beyond passing out flyers or relying or word of mouth is important.
Another advantage of online digital coupon services is their power of aggregation. The more they are successful in advertising their service to end users – to YOUR customers, these services become destinations or a portal that your potential customers will turn to, to find deals in their neighborhoods.
Digital coupons is one way to have direct and immediate access to your customers and prospective customers. While services like 8coupons help you find new customers, it’s also important that you capture the telephone numbers of your customers and put them into your own database. With their permission, you can use mobile communication software to send them special deals and/or other wise.

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