Events: Boost Sales & Build Loyal Customers. Meet Eventbrite and Its Founders

If you’re looking for a great way to get closer to customers, meet prospective customers, get more visibility in your community and boost profits, producing an event is one way to do it.
Maybe you sell custom kitchenware from a retail store in a trendy part of town. Why not have a monthly event, with some wine and cheese and showcase your latest wares to your customers?
Maybe you’re a local carpenter, specializing in cabinetry. How about hosting a networking event in your shop. As people network you can introduce them to your work.
The challenge of producing events is organizing the ticket sales (unless the event is free), marketing the event, managing the attendees and so many other things. Eventbrite helps with all of these things and more.

Eventbrite’s not only in this market, Cvent and recently Constant Contact both sell event management services.
Earlier this week I sat with Julie and Kevin Hartz co-founders of Eventbrite. They’re smart and cute together.
This meeting was special for three reasons. is a customer of Eventbrite, Eventbrite’s service is one of the best on the market, It’s rare to meet a couple who are running their business together – and so dedicated to their customers.
During our interview, they asked me questions about Eventbrite and Kevin took out his notebook to write. I was impressed that not only did they ask me my opinion of their product but they wrote my comments and flurry of suggestions down.
Julie explained that one of the many things that excite Eventbrite is the rise of social commerce, wherein participants in social networks are going to make transactions within the network. This is important to Eventbrite because a large part of the marketing for many events is through social networks just as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Being able to provide tools to conduct ticket sales from within the network is powerful.
Eventbrite’s 35 staff (and growing) have powered almost 200,000 events and approaching $200 Million in ticket sales since its existence. They are laser focused on ensuring Eventbrite does ONE thing. Helping event organizers do events better.