Hiring More People? Let Technology Help Hire, Manage and Pay Them

nowhiring.jpgIs the economy going to go up or down? Will consumers have more cash to spend on the things YOUR business sells? If so, will you be prepared?
Unemployment rates are at an all time high, but in an October survey Intuit Payroll finds that nearly half of the small business owners surveyed, 44 percent, are planning to hire new employees within the next 12 months.
Hiring people to staff your manufacturing plant, sales staff to cold call customers or experts to service professional industries requires the right “staff management” tool(s) to ensure you hire the right person, manage their time and pay them – complying with all local and federal laws.
Managing employees, especially payroll, is challenging for many businesses.
Nora Denzel, senior vice president of Intuit’s Employee Management Solutions Division told me that even though there are many payroll services (ie technology) available to help smaller businesses, 7 out of 10 business owners still manually do their payroll. This means there are millions of businesses losing productivity each time they pay their employees.

Next week WorkingPoint will release a payroll service, through SurePayroll’s Business Online Payroll, which will allow its premium subscribers to calculate wages and deductions, track employee benefits, provide reporting and other features.
For those who are not ready to hire employees or have employees but still need more help, you can hire free lance consultants. You can find them and manage the relationship through a service such as Elance.
Although managing employees or contractors might not be the most technologically savvy aspect of your business it is important to leverage technology to help.
If you need help managing employee promotions and incentives, Success Factors can help.
Intuit’s got quite a bit of information about hiring and managing employees here, including payroll.