Measuring Success One Click At A Time: Video, Email, Events and More

Putting together an event, sending an email, posting a video, writing an article or uploading a web page is relatively easy. The challenge is being able to successfully measure what you are doing.
Serial entrepreneur Norm Brodsky has written on many occasions that measuring the key metrics of ones business is so, so important. Profit, Revenue, Units Sold and other metrics (which will vary depending on your business).
As your business uses more and more services including email, event management, video, blogs, and social media, it is critically important to be able to measure the results of what you are doing.
For example, creating an email newsletter is great. But if you are not taking the time to measure how many people are reading it, opening it and what articles are most popular, you’re missing out on important intelligence about your audience that can help you better meet their needs.

What about video? Maybe you’re taking time to create and upload success stories focused on your customers. Wouldn’t it be great to know which videos are most popular, what times the videos are being watched and other important information about each video?
For those of you who organize events, it’s also important to measure the details of your events such as attendee trends (registrants vs those who actually attend), traffic to your registration page and attendee demographics.
If your service provider is not regularly providing the ability for you to measure your use of their services, you’re not going to know what you are doing right or wrong, which can help you do more things right and less things wrong.
For example, Eventbrite recently upgraded their platform to enable their customers to know more about their events. See the sample image below.
survey questions.png
Being able to gather insight about what you are doing, such as what is seen above, should be a determining factor in which services you use for the long term growth of your business.