Tech Tid Bits – 4 December: Verizon Wireless, Twitter, Mobility, Zoho, Microsoft, Google & More

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Tech Tid Bits – 4 December: Verizon Wireless Beats At&T, Twitter for Business, Mobility for Small Business, Zoho Wants More, Microsoft Ditches Account, Google’s Free Video Conference & More
How to Choose An Internet Service Provider
The internet is seemingly everywhere these days; from the corner coffee shop to an airplane at 30,000 feet. Despite the ubiquity of internet access in public spaces, our homes are nonetheless domains of the internet service providers, or ISPs. Read full post

Verizon Leads Wireless Service Rankings, While AT&T Lags
Looks like Verizon Wireless has a fresh supply of ammunition for its next wave of commercials for the Motorola Droid.
In the latest annual survey by Consumer Reports, released Tuesday, Verizon topped the rankings of major wireless phone carriers in the United States. The survey awarded high marks to Verizon for customer support, voice connectivity and data services. T-Mobile came in second, Sprint third and AT&T came in last place. Read full post
Twitter for Entrepreneurs
I wrote an article for the Missouri Venture Forum’s monthly newsletter with this subject, mentioning some of the useful things that new business owners can do with Twitter. Given that many retailers are now calling this year the “Twitter Christmas” it is worth reading. You can download the entire PDF, my article is towards the end of the issue. Read full article

Mobilization: Optimize your website for mobile users

We’re all going mobile these days. the combination of smartphones, apps, mobile browsers, high-speed access and reasonably priced data plans has given us the tools for all-the-time access to the Internet from anywhere. The mobile platform is here.
However, the mobile Internet platform is also unpolished and evolving. Using a cell phone to view websites can be quite frustrating, and not just for the obvious reason—small screen sizes. The real problem is that most websites are not optimized for cell phone viewing. Read full article

Top Mobile Productivity Tools for the Small Business

As a small business owner, you’re likely constantly on the go — whether it’s in the air, on the road to clients, or even just making the rounds in your own office setting. You may already have a smartphone with you at all times, but are you getting the most out of it? Now that every mobile platform has an application store, your constant companion can do a lot more than keep you up-to-date on email. Read full article
Zoho Makes Another Move to be the IT of the Small Business Market
Zoho is making another move to serve as the IT department for the small business market. Its latest offering is a service for staffing agencies and human resources to automate the process for hiring people.
The new service, available now, is an applicant tracking system that helps staffing agencies and recruiting departments track job openings, resumes and candidates. The enterprise is stil heavily dependent on email and manual processes for any number of practices with human resources being no exception to the rule. Read full article
How To Succeed Using Online Video
If you haven’t yet joined the online video craze, it’s high time you did. Using video to maket your business gives you a marketing tool that works for you around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
According a press release from “The Apple Guy” Tim Hagen, a certified trainer for Apple and partner at eMotion Picture Studios, there are a number of things businesses should consider in order to make effective online marketing videos. Read full article
11 Competitive Intelligence Tools for SMBs
It’s not stalking. It’s research. It’s you doing research on your competitors to help you stay up-to-date on what they’re doing so you know which direction you should go. It’s not stalking and everyone’s doing it.
Here’s a list of 11 tools that can help you track your competitors movements on the Web and give you actionable information that you can use. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you a savvy site owner. We’ll start off gentle. Read full article
Microsoft kills Office Accounting, continues support
Office Accounting, Microsoft’s bookkeeping and management software that integrates with the ubiquitous productivity suite, is being discontinued on Nov. 16, Microsoft has announced. It will continue to support the product for five years. Read full article
Coming Soon: Free video conferencing from Google
According to Rishi Chandra (a Google Apps product manager) who talked to SFGate, Google is set to roll out their first update in a long line of updates that will include multi-user video conferencing. The video conferencing will be rolled out soon — the rest of their plan will be executed within the next 12 months. Read full article