Tech Tid Bits – 21 Dec 2009 – Michael Dell advice; 15 Employees 35 Blogs; eFax

Setting Priorities in a Sluggish Economy
Michael Dell talks about setting priorities, observing changes in customer behavior, and why now is probably a great time to start a company. Read full article

Indium hot on blog portfolio – 15 Employees 35 Blogs

From B2B Magazine
Blogs have become a standard way for b-to-b companies to reach constituents with specific interests, but electronics assembly materials company Indium Corp. has recently taken the concept to a new level.
The Utica, N.Y.-based firm has just expanded its roster of blogs to 85, covering such microtopics as clad preforms, pop flux and copper Indium gallium. Those terms may sound like Greek to most of us, but they’re everyday language to the electronics manufacturing engineers whom Indium hopes to reach. Read full article
Social Media Checklist for Small and Medium Size Businesses
As a member of the SES Chicago Social Media Checklist panel last week, it was striking to hear from so many small and medium-sized businesses wrestling with developing a viable social media marketing strategy. Small and medium-sized businesses often have more limited resources, both personnel and budgets, than large companies, so they’re looking to build more cost-effective sales streams. With the goals of raising awareness, expanding market share, and improving customer loyalty, it’s critical to be creative in how your business engages and participates in the social media arena. Read full article
eFax Adds More Storage and More Faxes
With 11 million customers worldwide, eFAX announced today that they have enabled searchable fax so users can easily tag and search for important information like hand written personal signatures or notes, just like other digital files. They also doubled storage at no additional cost to subscribers.