Tech Tid Bits – 10 Dec 2009 – Securing Your Network; Selling on Amazon; Microsoft Drops Accounting

15 Quick Security Wins for Your Network
If protecting your organization from cyberattack is your responsibility, you probably have heard of the 20 baseline security controls that the Consensus Audit Guidelines (CAG) project defines and recommends.
Speaking at the Gartner Information Security Summit 2009 in London, SANS instructor Stephen Armstrong outlined 15 “quick wins” based on these controls: simple steps you can take to make an immediate difference to your security.
Here are the 20 controls, and Armstrong’s quick wins and other advice: Read full article

How to Sell on Amazon and eBay
The online marketplaces eBay and Amazon once seemed like surefire places to make extra money or to build an online retail business. It’s not quite so simple anymore. Read full article
Burberry Looks Online for Ways to Gain Customers
After a roughly 8 percent decline this year, the $226 billion global market for luxury goods is expected to grow again next year as younger consumers and working women replace retiring baby boomers as the dominant consumer group, according to consulting firm Bain & Company. Read full article
Microsoft Dropped Office Accounting: Why the Surprise?
Sometimes seemingly smart people just have bad ideas. Like Germany opening up that second front against the Soviet Union in World War II. Making that Speed Racer movie. Trading away Cliff Lee. And definitely putting The Jay Leno Show on prime time every weeknight.
My friend Brian, who runs an employee-benefits firm, is certainly smart. He too, had a bad idea. He’s so annoyed about it that he didn’t want me to disclose his last name or that of his company in this column. I can’t blame him. For more than two years, Brian used Microsoft’s Office Accounting software in his business. Just last month, Microsoft (MSFT) announced the discontinuation of the application. Now Brian is stuck. Read full article