The All In One Computer: Perfect For Business Looks and Productivity

hpms200-allinone.jpgAbout 5 years ago I had an all in one computer from IBM. It was nice because to move the “computer” you just moved one main piece – not two: the monitor and cpu. Thanks to wireless technology even the keyboard the mouse can be wirelessly connected, minimizing wires running around your desk.
HP recently released a very elegantly designed all in one computer, the HP Pro All-in-one MS200 Business PC.
With an 18.5-inch diagonal screen, the HP Pro All-in-one MS200 features a 16:9 high-definition LCD display that tilts and swivels, a full-size keyboard and mouse, built-in webcam, Slim Tray SuperMulti DVD burner and a microphone array.
HP’s all in one, is just one of many computers that HP has launched in recent weeks, including a complete line of “thin and lite” computers, which are great for the desk or the car, train or corporate bag.
All in one computers not only look good, but their smaller form factor are perfect for a crowded desk and are easy to move around as well.
Dell has competitively priced all in one computers here. Acer has a number of all in one devices as well, which you can find through or other retail channels.