The Data Projector For The Presenter Who Needs Ultimate Productivity

epsonpowerlightpresenter.jpgI’ve sat through and given dozens (if not more) of presentations throughout the year. There is one thing in common with all of them – everyone uses a VGA cable connected to the computer.
I was reviewing two video clips related to Epson’s new PowerLite Presenter ($899), Epson’s first Projector/DVD Player/Speaker combo for the business market and it’s pretty neat.
There’s three things about it that make it a productivity and feature rich powerhouse.

First of all, you don’t need a VGA cable to connect to your computer, but can use a standard USB cable and have it automatically pop up on your computer’s display.
Secondly, instead of working from a notebook, just use a USB key (or any USB connected drive) – no need for a laptop.
Finally, this particular unit has built in 10w speakers, microphone input and a DVD player.
If giving presentations is your bread and butter – you’ll make a lot of it with this new projector. My guess is that Epson is not the only vendor with these features. A Twitter follower told me that Sony makes one as well.