Why (Certified) Experts Will Be The Rock Stars Of 2010

I was recently reading a blog post about how CRM company BatchBlue has recently set up an experts program.
Experts of any company are individuals (or companies) – not employees of that company – who you can hire to help you use the company’s products even better.
Let’s consider QuickBooks local experts. These are experts around the country, certified by QuickBooks (they’ve gone through training) who can help you learn QuickBooks, customize and integrate it into your business and more.
Microsoft’s small business specialists are thousands of IT specialists, with varying degrees of expertise (Microsoft has Gold Partners, Silver partners, small business specialists, etc) to help you get the most out of technology and Microsoft products in general.
There are hundreds of “specialist” programs, setup by vendors that, to help you get the most out of technology products and services. Cisco certified network consultants, Symantec security specialists are gurus in security and I could go on.

Email marketing is such an important part of marketing to customers and Campaigner, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Mail Chimp and other providers all have specialists to help you get the most out of their services.
Maybe you can’t find a “certified” specialists for the product you have. I’m sure by having a look at Elance you’ll find the specialist you need.
Paying $50 a month per employee or thousands of dollars at one time is fine if you are properly investing in technology services. However, to get even more out of your investment you might have to pay an expert to help yo learn how to use the product better or integrate it into your business operations, beyond how it comes out of the box.