Why Google Wants To Teach You How To Use Its Tools

Google’s suite of applications for businesses are pretty good. Low cost, many free in fact and relatively easy to use.
For example, I used Picassa to do a montage of photos with a sound voice over for the Small Business Summit (you can see it here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WPr_JRYOcY ).
See more Google solutions for business, here.
Google is starting to reach out more and touch its customers by introducing and educating them on Google’s business products.
ZD Net writer Sam Diaz wrote about his experiences in attending a Google class.

He writes Google has been making a big effort to lure companies big and small into its cloud-based business tools. As Google execs have said repeatedly, they see small businesses as the sparks that will reignite the U.S. economy. But they also have said they understand that money is tighter than ever for small businesses and that they need powerful tools without having to make large investments.
Google knows that in order to have more businesses using its tools, especially its fee based tools it must educate its customers and interact with them face to face.
Microsoft has thousands of courses in its offices for a variety of types of businesses (end users, resellers, large companies, etc) to help them know how to get more out of its products. Expect to see more in person events from Google, educating customers in the use of their products as well.
To use technology as a tool to grow your business, it takes training. If you can get it for free, why not?
Google’s calendar of “Seminars for Success” is listed here which is about using Adwords, it’s service for cost per click advertising.
You can find a listing of Microsoft events here.