Why Losing Your Phone Is No Longer Traumatic: CyberSynchs

angry-man.jpgWhat’s worse than losing your watch? Losing $50? Losing your keys? Losing your phone.
Those using an Exchange server or some other server can easily get back their appointments, email and other ‘server’ things. But for others, it’s all lost. For EVERYONE you lose your ringtones, videos, and other things that are only on your cell phone.
I recently tried out CyberSynchs which is a small application that loads onto your phone and backs up all of your data (music, ringtones, text messages, GPS, calendar notes, VMs, etc.) to their secure server.
It mirrors personal information from your mobile device over the air to a private and secure account.What’s even better is that the CyberSynchs web server allows you to erase all of the data from your smart phone, should it go missing.
Pretty neat and simple. Check it out with a free 7 day trial.
I’m a bit leery as the link for their blog reads, “coming soon”. Newsletter link reads “coming soon”. However, I have a feeling it’s two guys in a garage (or in some cramped New York office) and they’re focused on building the product right now.