Why The ‘Net Will Always Beat Paper: Lessons From Time Mag and Agassi

wrestle.jpgYet another example, of how businesses simply MUST develop and leverage a POWERFUL and STRATEGIC ONLINE strategy to grow their businesses.
The New York Times writes writes that Time Inc. had bought the rights to an excerpt of an autobiography wherein Andre Agassi would admit to using crystal meth.
What happened is that the day before the magazines were to publish, a writer for Sports Illustrated prematurely revealed on Twitter Mr. Agassi’s admission to drug use.
Sports Illustrated removed the post after about 25 minutes, but it was too late. The news broke worldwide, and that evening, a newspaper in Australia that had not bought rights, but had acquired the materials, began publishing parts of the book. Sports Illustrated still had the exclusive — but in a Twitter post that had vanished, and not in the pages of its magazine, which was published the next day, on Oct. 28.

What does this tell you?
If you’re not convinced that you NEED an online strategy of development for your business, then hopefully this story will show you, loud and clear that ONLINE is the way to go, in all areas.
Does this mean that sending post cards in the mail, or buying TV advertising or meeting someone for coffee is not important? No. What it does clearly demonstrate is that the world of digital communications is CHEAP, GLOBAL, FAST and POWERFUL.
What other communication medium has these four traits?
Leveraging the Internet is not hard. it’s easier than planning and executing a television buy or placing an advertisement in a magazine.
I would HIGHLY suggest that you invest money in an expert who can help you review your marketing goals and options and guide you into a clear strategy for online success.
Don’t forget the vendors.
Companies such as Orange Soda, Reach Local, Google (online resources) and hundreds of great marketing consultants are available to help you plan and implement an online strategy.