Why The Search Engine You Use Matters: Google or Bing

When Microsoft first launched Bing, it’s latest search engine, I thought the name was stupid and didn’t even bother looking at it. However, in hearing all the media fuss about Bing and Google trying to one up each other with various forms of innovation, it’s clear that Microsoft is determined to do all it can to not only out market Google, but to also out-innovate Google, and that’s not easy.
During the course of the day you probably use a search engine, dozens of times. I do. I use it for basic information search, news and specific business answers I need.
I’m a long time Google user and do not really know what it’s like to use Bing or Ask. However, I’m sure there’s many of you who love Bing.
One thing I do know, as the search engine becomes a more important tool for finding information on online, WHICH search engine you use is VERY important and will make the difference between finding your answer or not finding it. Between finding it in a few seconds or a few hours.
For example, the New York Tiimes writes about a new Google service that displays topical information under one URL. Instead of going from web site to web site a user is presented with a Wikipedia like interface of rich information.