Will Your Next Operating System Come From Google and Not Microsoft?

googlechrome.pngWe all know about Windows 7. The newest operating system from Microsoft, which is an upgrade from Vista and XP.
Linux, which has been around since the birth of computers and which Apple Mac is based on, is another operating system in use in servers and many appliances.
Google has released another Linux based operating system, Google Chrome OS
Google Chrome OS is basically a powerful web browser, running your computer instead of just an application running inside of Windows (or Mac). What applications will it run? Well it’s optimized to run web applications over the Internet.

Google’s vision of the world, which is how most of us use our computers is a world that’s pretty much all working from a web browser – with no or very few applications.
Google Chrome OS is NOT going to make a dent into Windows or Mac sales anytime soon, but you should be aware of it, as it could be an option on your next netbook, notebook or desktop computer.
Here’s a way cool video about Google Chrome OS:

Acer (read this), Dell and other PC and appliance manufacturers are already planning when and how they’ll use Google Chrome OS.