17 iPhone Apps for Business & Your Evolving Mobile Strategy

Information Week compiled 17 iPhone applications that would be great for your business. Check ’em out.
What’s important to keep in mind is that as Apple’s arsenal of products (iPhone, iPad and iTouch) grow, Google’s dominance in mobile applications for its Android phones will also grow, combined with traditional (but getting less media attention) applications for Windows Mobile.
As your company uses more and more mobile technology, your IT is going to have to adapt. No long is just licensing traditional software on a server or individual PCs good enough. No longer can you simply purchase a few hosted applications and call it a day.
The mobile drum beat is only going to get louder and it’s important you are are aware of the best ways to leverage it as a tool for your businesses growth, productivity, customer service, time saving and money saving.
Lastly, ensure you have the right mobile device and data plan for your business. Not having an unlimited plan can sock you with huge bills.