Mobile Purchases Every 2 Secs On eBay: Lessons For Your Business

ebay.gifIn 2009, eBay says, an item was purchased from their site every 2 seconds using their eBay mobile application.
Although the media portrays eBay as diminished in popularity from its heights when it was first launched, it is still a viable source of product purchases. With nearly 6 million people having eBay on their iPhone and shoppers making 750,000 unique visits a day to eBay via mobile apps, the numbers speak for themselves.
What does this mean to you?
If you are a retailer selling products online you should not only educate yourself in how to more effectively sell online. But you should also develop a mobile strategy for reaching customers who want to shop via their mobile phones.

Mobile phone ecommerce is more challenging than traditional shopping via a web site on a computer as the various mobile platforms (BlackBerry, iPhone, Microsoft Mobile, Palm, Symbian) and phone form factors can dramatically change how your ecommerce site looks from phone to phone.
However, knowing that almost one million people a day are visiting eBay on their cell phones, can only mean that with the right strategy you could have a few dozen and MORE people visiting your web site.
You want them to shop all year, but also the holiday shopping seasons of Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays will be coming as they do each and every year.
One thing you should implement is a CRM application which will enable you to properly capture the cell phone numbers of your customers (with their permission) and strategically market to those who want to receive information on their cell phones.