Calling and Texting While Driving: Tech Can’t Make You Safe

I’ve been reading about more and more tools to block and/or manage phone calls and cell phone texting while driving. I think it’s simply insane.
Business owners don’t need a technology gadget to help them stop texting while driving. What they simply need is SELF discipline to pull their vehicle over then they need to communicate and/or only do it at a stop light, if they must.
For example, new GPS-enabled software, called proTextor, was created to block incoming and outgoing text messages and phone calls while your vehicle is in motion. The software sends all phone calls directly to voice mail and all texts are logged when the vehicle is travelling over a preset speed. “It’s a very simple precaution, but one that can save lives,” said John Tsinonis, who founded proTextor. “The product is completely controlled by an administrator, who could be a parent, guardian, or supervisor. The administrator has the ability to set speed controls and settings can be controlled remotely if needed.”
While I applaud the innovation of entrepreneurs, at some point, adults need to make the right choices, especially those choices that can save their lives and that of others.
On the other hand, for adults that find they can’t help themselves but want help, technology is readily available to help.