Chick Hatchery’s Shipping Challenges: Tech Lessons For You

baby-chick.jpgThe US Postal Service is one of the most popular methods for transporting products and services for businesses all over the United States.
Of course FEDEX , the UPS , trucks and trains have their significant shares of next day and lower cost shipping options.
Like most business tools, however, the tool you use can always be improved depending on how you use it. Often times, technology can help.
Case in point: Murray McMurray Hatchery, sells 110 varieties of chickens, game birds and rare poultry to consumers throughout the United States.

One of their challenges was the complexities involved with shipping live animals. McMurray was increasingly finding its shipping process to be slow and cumbersome. Their employees were forced to handle many of the transactional steps manually, adding valuable time and the possibility of errors to the shipping process. Because the shipping process was not integrated with their system, employees were unable to process and fulfill orders individually and instantaneously.
“We had to download the orders that came through online in batches, rather than fulfilling them in real time,” recalled Bud Wood, President and Managing Partner, Murray McMurray Hatchery. “That delayed the process.”
Murray McMurray engaged Endicia, an electronic USPS shipping solution which lets users print pre-paid shipping labels with just a computer, printer, and an Internet connection.
The key of this story is how a chicken shipping company leveraged technology to improve its shipping process – making it more productive and easier for employees to use and overall helping them serve customers better.
But the BIGGER part of this story, and what it means to YOU, is to once again demonstrate how technology can be used to BOOST your bottom line. Sometimes you might already be using technology but it’s not working for you the way it should be working, as experienced by Murray McMurray.
The SOLUTION: train your employees better, improve your business processes or consider switching the technology you are using to one that can better meet your needs.