Why Cloud Computing Reigns: Lessons From NYC to The Mountains of Pennsylvania

Last week I was at a weekend retreat for young men and I was managing registration.
I packed a small suitcase of clothing and 3 other bags of gear:
Scanner from Wasp Bar Code, Verizon Wireless MiFi (portable WiFi hotspot) and an array of other gadgets and gizmos including my Dell Latitude (on loan from Dell).
The highlight of the technology we used for the weekend was online collaboration (Google Docs) which allowed us to NOT have to setup a network, yet instantly and seamlessly share files.
The power of hosted applications for growing companies who want to grow fast, save money and be more productive (sound like you) requires using tools that will enable this to happen.
At the retreat five other organizers and I were able to access a shared spreadsheet and see updated changes in real time. If we had used the traditional model of using a word processor we would have had to email the file back and forth and risk not having the most updated information on any one computer.

The world of hosted applications (or cloud computing), like never before, enables you and those you need to collaborate with to connect.
I think about the evolving video sharing platform of Youtube. You can do some pretty neat things with your video, and no software to install on your computer.
What about Picasa? This powerful online photo sharing platform lets you share one or hundreds of photos with others. What’s even better, it has a software tool you can download to manage your video collection offline.
I really like Egnyte which specializes in cloud based computing that is accessible on a local network. The best of both worlds.
These are just two of MANY applications the businesses can use, through the power of a web browser, to enhance their daily productivity and communication with customers, employees and partners.
The key to using hosted applications is to find the application(s) that best work for YOU. There are hundreds of applications for your business – you only need to be concerned with the ones that solve your business pain points.