How Locally Oriented Businesses Can Get More Leads Online

mainstreet.jpgThink about businesses that are primarily focused on acquiring local leads – the businesses that advertise in the yellow pages, for example. Lawyers, doctors, accountants, bike shops, plumbers, “handy-men”, house maids and other services all want local customers.
Although more and more people are using the Internet, it can still be a challenge for these companies to find and acquire local customers. When I ride the train, I often see paper posters hanging on the telephone poles and walls advertising all sorts of local businesses – such as computer consultants and baby sitting.
Although Google is a great advertising tool, there are other tools that might do better at helping you attract a local audience and manage how much you spend to attract them.
For example, revamped its business and introduced the “Enhanced Click.” Also referred to as a “light lead,” an Enhanced Click represents a consumer in a specific geography, looking to buy a specific product.’s representative told me that In fact, when inexperienced small business owners are forced to choose keywords and otherwise manage their online campaigns, the major search engines make money off of those inefficiencies.
The major benefits of the new Click Marketplace include:
* Control: Delivers category-specific and locally-targeted clicks
* Profitability: Reduces cost and complexity associated with local online marketing
* Simplicity: Provides easy access to city-level, product- or service-specific clicks
* Quality: Filters for intent and fraud
If you are looking to boost your local leads, services such as,, Yodle and ReachLocal should be considered.