Learning From eCommerce Giants: How Macy’s, Gap, etc. Boosted Sales

customerservice.jpgIt’s no secret that Macy’s, the Gap, Amazon.com and other large retailers spend quite a bit of money ensuring that their web properties are the most efficient customer buying operations money can buy.
Although your growing business can never match the hundreds of thousands of dollars these companies spend on their web sites, their are things you can learn.
Crain’s New York writes “Macy’s made a significant improvement. They were really focused this last year on doing a lot of work on their site to improve the ability of people to find what they were looking for quickly,” said Larry Freed, chief executive of ForSee. He noted that Macy’s also added more information to its product displays, which could have prompted the higher score.

Creating a web site that customers buy from and love to return to is not hard. It takes persistence, trying new things, learning from what works and does not work and listening to your customers.
Overall your web site must be designed so that customers want to SHOP. Just like a well designed retail store is inviting and brings customers inside, your online store must do the same.
Making things EASY TO FIND is another thing that you must work with your web developer to ensure is a priority on your web site.
Think about your recent shopping online. Check out Amazon.com (my personal favorite), the Gap, Macy’s and other ecommerce leaders. Notice how extensive the search engine is? See the way you can drill down to find the specific product you want?
There is not one right way, but there are several things you’ll do that end up making the overall experience great for customers.
Don’t forget making it easy for customers to return things they don’t want. Today I returned some software to Amazon.com (so easy to print a return label) and drove to Staples to return two more items.
One big reason I buy from them over and over again is because I know I can return things just as easy as I bought them.