Should Retail Tech Support Help Your Business? Maybe. But Be Careful

I was recently in a Staples store making some copies and observed a man come in looking for help from Staples’ tech unit, Easy Tech. These green shirted guys (and gals) serve as in store “geeks” to help businesses and consumers get their computers fixed and know what software and hardware they should buy.
If your business really wants to grow and ensure that you are maximizing technology to its fullest extent your technology advice should come from a dedicated technology adviser and not from a retail store tech expert. These professionals can help answer a few questions, but when it comes to installations, purchases and advice (this triple play is important) working with a local technology consultant or a managed service provider (such as Dell’s managed services or CMIT solutions among others) is very important.

Channel Insider shares a story here about their experience getting a computer repaired from a variety of “walk-in” repair services. Below is a Fox News “hidden” camera segment with some local PC retailers.