Social Media Lessons From Popeye’s Chicken

I was listening to CRM guru Brent Leary a few days ago on an Intuit webinar about Social CRM. I know what Social Media is, and I know what CRM is, but I really didn’t know what they were together.
One example Brent shared was how one day he was writing something on Twitter to someone else and wrote in jest about someone stealing a biscuit off his plate. A few minutes later, Brent explained, Popeye’s Chicken tweeted something to him, in the context of the conversation, about the stolen biscuits.
Popeye’s gained five benefits from this one interaction:
1) Brent followed Popeye’s on Twitter
2) He blogged about the experience
3) Interviewed Popeye’s VP of communications and
4) Went the next day to eat at Popeye’s

This is a great example of how you can use social media to GAIN customers for your business!
This leads me to a second point, what tools can you use to harness and really maximize social media? There are many free tools out there. One that’s used quite a bit is Tweet Deck.
For companies that want to make social media a part of their customer interaction, using a more professional tool like Helpstream can help. Helpstream is a tool that helps you support customers. Beyond this Helpstream’s new social marketing module helps you monitor and respond to discussions on social media networks.
Specific features include:

  • Import feeds from any public social network (e.g Twitter, Facebook) into your Helpstream community
  • Bring selected search and keyword content from Twitter into the community for real-time insight into relevant conversations
  • Allow users to tweet community content from their personal or corporate Twitter account without leaving the Helpstream community
  • Integrates the Helpstream community with existing marketing automation solutions for lead scoring and nurturing

Once you get the hang of what social media is all about, you’re going to have to use tools to help you maximize its use in your business.