Tech Tid Bits (Jan 4) – Google Wave; Cloud Computing for Biz; Outsourced Spam Blocking; Ethical Hacker

Get Started With Google Wave
Let’s just say this up front: Google Wave doesn’t make sense at first glance. It kinda looks like e-mail because you send messages to friends, but it’s also like chat because the messages you send to friends can be received and responded to in real time. It’s also a little like Google Docs, because the messages you send are rich in display features.
However, if you look at Google Wave as a mishmash of Web 2.0 technology, you’re missing the point. Google Wave is a communication device all its own. It allows you to communicate online as if you’re in the same room, and it makes your communication with large groups of people more powerful and useful. If you really want to conceptualize Google Wave, you’re going to have to use it. Here’s how. Read full article

Cloud Computing: Small Companies Take Flight

From Business Week
Small businesses are flocking to the new services, which provide secure IT infrastructure with little up-front investment and no heavy lifting
When hurricanes Katrina and Rita passed over Schumacher Group’s multimillion-dollar data center in Louisiana in 2005, Doug Menefee, the company’s chief information officer, breathed a sigh of relief. His company manages the staffing for emergency room physicians at more than 145 hospitals in the Southeast, and if the center had gone down it could have hampered efforts to get doctors to the locations where they could care for injured patients. “It was a high risk to our organization,” says Menefee. Read full article
Outsourcing Spam Blocking
From Business Week
Sometimes in life, admitting your own limitations is half the battle.
I outsource all the things I can’t do well. I’m a certified public accountant, yet admittedly a lousy one, so I outsource my taxes. I’m bad at gardening, so I hire a landscaper. I don’t have a clue how my car works, so I use a mechanic.
Same goes for my small business. I outsource the battle against spam e-mail. Guess what: it works. Full article
A Hacker You Should Do Business With
Evaluating your company’s security vulnerabilities is the first step toward preventing costly data losses that could compromise both information and your company’s reputation. A so-called ethical hacker could help. Full article