Tech Tid Bits – Jan 11, 2009 – Lenovo’s new comptuers, Microsoft Office…and more…

What’s Inside: Lenovo’s new computer line; Microsoft Office Discount; Free Skills Education; Keeping Tabs of Mobile Workers
Lenovo Finds Its ‘Edge’ With New ThinkPad Notebooks
Lenovo gave its gadget-hungry following an early look at a pair of new laptop computers in its ThinkPad series, just days before CES 2010 is set to kick off in Las Vegas.
Getting a head start on its CES competition, which is sure to unveil its own latest notebook innovations, Lenovo Monday showcased the new ThinkPad Edge series, a consumer-business hybrid, and the ThinkPad X100e, a $500 ultraportable.
The ThinkPad Edge series is an amalgamation of sorts of the ThinkPad and IdeaPad lines aimed at the SMB market. The series will be available with 13-, 14- or 15-inch displays, of which the 13-inch ThinkPad Edge is the first ThinkPad to offer a dual-core AMD (NYSE:AMD) microprocessor and to be offered on AMD’s Vision Pro Technology. Aimed at businesses with consumer flair ” check the smooth, rounded edges ” the ThinkPad Edge is optimized for Windows 7. Full article

Microsoft Luring SMBs Away From XP, Office 2003
From Channel Web
Small and medium businesses are usually molasses-slow when it comes to upgrading to new versions of Windows and Office, and many of these resilient organizations are still running Windows XP and Office 2003. In a bid to change this,Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) recently altered an existing software licensing promotion to entice SMBs to update their products.
Microsoft’s “Up To Date Discount,” which runs through June 30, gives customers with Open Value subscriptions 50 percent off the first year’s payment on Windows 7 Professional Upgrade or Microsoft Office Professional, wrote Eric Ligman, global partner experience lead in Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Group, in a New Year’s Day blog post.
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New Year, New Skills: Learn from the Experts
From Small Business United
The ink may not yet be dry on your new year’s resolutions, but it’s not too early to start putting them in action. And if things like “refresh web site” or “learn about social marketing” are on your list, we are here to help!
Next week we are kicking off a series of webinars on topics such as marketing, customer relationship management and social media, and have a great roster of small business experts lined up to lead them. They include: Read article

Keeping Tabs on Mobile Workers

From Inc
Mobile phone GPS tracking can tell you where employees are throughout the day — but how will they feel about it?
If your business has mobile employees, you know the management challenges they pose. They head out in the morning, spend all day at customer sites, or delivering your goods or services, then clock out at the end of the day. If they go straight to the customer site, you may not see them at all. Wouldn’t it be nice to know precisely where they are throughout the course of the workday? Read article