Tech Tid Bits: Tripit, HP Retail System, Inbox Clean Up, Tech Audit (28 Jan 2010)

What’s inside:

  • Tripit – great for frequent travelers
  • HP Point of Sale System
  • Clean Out Your Inbox Week
  • Is It Time For A Technology Audit

TripIt Review – Hot tool for traveling professionals
Blogger from reviews TripIt. A great application, I didnt’ know it was this good, that is a MUST have for the VERY busy traveler. Read full article and see video here.
HP today introduced a touch-enabled point-of-sale (POS) system for retailers
From HP Press release
hp - ap5000 side full_preview.JPGEasy to use, the HP ap5000 All-in-One POS System features a self-contained combination of products that removes the guesswork for retailers wanting to create a comprehensive POS hardware solution. The compact system maximizes work space and includes a central processing unit, touch-enabled display, magnetic stripe reader and either a two-line customer display or a 10.4-inch LCD customer display to enhance promotional activities. Read full press release

Clean Out Your Inbox Week
From Expert
January is a time for new beginnings, and with a new decade upon us, Marsha Egan is challenging businesses to rethink the way they use email. Egan, an internationally recognized authority on email productivity and author of Inbox Detox and the Habit of E-Mail Excellence (Acanthus 2009), announces the third annual Clean Out Your Inbox Week. From January 25-29, 2010, Egan will motivate businesses nationwide to take control of their email and regain lost time and profits.
Over the past decade, email usage has surged to staggering figures. Now, it is estimated that 247 billion emails are sent each day. Put another way, email users worldwide produce messages greater in size than over 16,000 copies of the complete works of Shakespeare…each second! The 2008 AOL Email Addiction Survey revealed that 62% of at-work email users check their work email over an average weekend and more than 50% of Americans check their work email while on vacation. These shocking statistics go on, and it’s clear that in the new decade, email users must take control their email before it controls them. Read full press release
Is It Time for a Technology Audit?
Baldinger Lighting is a 116-year-old New York City company specializing in the production of standard fixtures designed by prominent architects and large custom chandeliers for public spaces. Baldinger’s custom-made chandeliers can be seen in buildings all over the world.
But what no one saw, except for employees, was the daily technology struggles the company faced, which resulted in lost productivity. Howard Baldinger, the owner, hired a local IT consulting company, Greenhouse IT, to undertake a technology audit. What Greenhouse found were a lot of problems. Read full article