Using Yahoo or Google Groups? Check Out Grouply. Easy Group Migration

Grouply_Logo.pngMany of you are using Yahoo or Google groups to manage communication with customers, church groups, local sports clubs and thousands of other “groups”.
While these services are useful, and especially make it easy to communicate via email, they don’t let you leverage the power of the Internet (such as web sites) for your group and/or overall communication.
In November Grouply launched a neat and powerful service to enable you to migrate from a Yahoo or Google groups (and the archives) and create your own web site, with powerful applications and membership tools.
Using a Yahoo or Google groups is like communicating with training wheels. Moving to a full scale web site is like riding in the park, on your own two feet – more speed, more power, more flexibility and better looking.

Instead of just a simple platform for discussing things via email, you can use Grouply to collect membership dues, display advertising, use your own web site domain name and even view analytics from Google analytics.
Grouply is free, or you can pay and use its premium features.
Here’s a side by side comparison of how a Yahoo Groups looks compared to Grouply.