Archive of February 2010

Five Reasons You Should Upgrade To A Solid State Drive

Solid State Drives (SSD) are a great option for storage, in particular in mobile devices, such as notebooks and netbooks. Five reasons, they’re better than hard disk drives, provided by SanDisk, in connection with the launch of the new SanDisk G3 Solid State Drives, include the following. These reasons are focused on SanDisks’s new drives […]

One Step To Better Security: Update Your Software

McAfee predicts that hack attacks against Adobe software (Flash and PDF Reader) will surpass Microsoft this year. The Register (UK) writes, Attacks targeting vulnerabilities in Acrobat Reader and Flash are already commonplace, driven in part by that software’s widespread use. The often-tricky update process and lack of user awareness that apps as well as browsers […]

Awards and Contests for Growing Companies

Don’t miss these upcoming deadlines – especially our Small Business Strategy Award to be announced at the Small Business Summit on March 16th in NYC. This list of contests, competitions and awards for small businesses is brought to you every other week by Small Business Trends and ******* Small Business Strategy Award at Small […]

Microsoft Office 2010: Have A Taste For Free

If you’re the “curious” type and interested in trying out new things, Microsoft Office 2010 is available for a free trial download. According to the email we received The Beta version of Microsoft Office 2010 is now available for download at no charge. With the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta, you can be among the first […]

Using Crowds To Help Grow Your Business

Crowd sourcing is a powerful way to leverage the Internet, to enable large groups of people to provide insight (or advice or joint work) on something. Wes Cutshall, CEO of 32nd Degree LLC which builds web site for a variety of uses has a service, It’s an online service designed to let a community […]