8 Hot Rules for MS Outlook Email Success: Free Download

Email is a powerful tool we use all the time. In order to maximize one’s use of email, keeping in mind that most of you use Microsoft Outlook, it’s so important to use rules setup in Microsoft Outlook to make it easier to automatically sort the emails you receive.
Rack Space’s Michael Ferranti has a great blog post, Top 8 Rules You Can Use To Get Organized in Microsoft Outlook wherein he provide actual Microsoft Outlook rules you can download and use!
They include:

  • File any email where my name is CC:d in the “My CC:’d emails” folder:
  • File any email where I am the only recipient in the “Me, Myself and I” folder:
  • File any email sent with high importance in the “Quick, the house is burning down” folder and flag for follow-up (just in case you missed it coming in) :
  • File any email from my wife or husband or significant other or, oh…you get the point, in the “Love of My Life” folder :
  • File any email with the word “Project” in the subject in the “My Projects” folder:
  • Flag any email from my boss as high importance:
  • Flag any email from my boss as low importance (Hey, we’ve all got different bosses, so wasn’t sure which you’d prefer!):
  • Delay delivery of all emails except those marked as high importance by 1 minute—just in case I said something I’ll regret: